New Student Portal in details
How do I get Microsoft office for free!
I need a computing account for class!
What is my student’s portal username/password?
How do I connect to the internet using the school Wi-Fi?
How do I change my password?
How do I access Library’s digital contents off campus?
How do I print from campus computers?
How do I add money in my printing account?
How do I sync MMC email to my iPhone?
How do I sync MMC email to my Android Phone?
How to access Online Learning (MOODLE)?
How can I find my syllabus in CAMS?
How do I get LockDown Browser for my Laptop?
How do I get LockDown Browser for my Chromebook?
When I register it says I am still locked from my advisor. How do I change that?


Get office for free!

As a mmc student, you are eligible to download and install MS office for free; we can install it on up to five different devices, and your license is valid as long as you still enrolled as a student here at MMC. Your license expires one year after you leave mmc.

Please do the following to install office on your device.

  1. Logon to your mmc email account by clicking here.
  2. On the opening page, locate the install button on the right inside to begin the installation.

I need a computing account for class!

Once you are enrolled in classes, you should get an email account and a password. Please use those credentials to login into computers on campus. If no schedule has been provided to you please, call the IT department at 931-323-2009 or come by the IT office located in Martin Hall Room 101, and the IT staff will assist you in getting your login credentials.

What is my student’s portal username/password?

Your Student’s portal uses the same credentials as the one you would use for your school email account. If you have forgotten your password and had enrolled into the password recovery tool, please click here to recover your password as long as you can remember your username. Should you not remember your username, please contact the IT department at 931-424-2009 or via email at for any assistance.

How do I connect to the internet using the school Wi-Fi?

On the device you are trying to connect to the internet with you will see a SSID called “MMCstudent”. Click connect on mmcstudent, and when prompted please use the password given to you during Orientation or RedHawks Ready day. If all fail then please call the Technology Office at 931-424-2009 or via email at

How do I change my password?

To change your password:
1. Enroll yourself in the mmc password management tool by clicking here.
2. Toward the end of the enrollment process, check the change my password checkbox, and enter your new password, which has to be minimum 12 characters with a combination of upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Please allow 60 minutes from the time you change your password for the new password to synchronize with the mail server.

Do you think you’ve got a complex password? Run it through The Password Meter.

Do you think your password couldn’t easily be hacked? See how long it would take: How Secure Is My Password.

Off-Campus Library Access?

All databases the library currently subscribes to are available remotely from this link: databases  Please provide the first part of your email as your username (e.g. wmoe4327) and your student id number (e.g. NK6452788) as your password when prompted.  Should you need to be reminded of your credentials, please call the IT department at 931-424-2009.

How do I print from campus computers?

When you are ready to print, please locate the file menu and click print. The name of the printer you want to print to is “RICOH-FindMe.” Once you click print, a window will pop up showing how much the print job will cost. Click print at the bottom of the window for the print job to go through. Once you are physically at the printer, you will need to login to retrieve your print job. You will use the same username and password you used to login to the campus computers. Once logged into the printer, locate your print job, and click on it.  Then click the print button at the bottom of the screen. Once your print job has printed, be sure to log out.

Please be mindful that all printers on campus are set to print in black and white by default; please adjust the settings accordingly if you wish to print in color. Also, your print job my be released from any printer located on the college main campus.

How do I add money in my printing account?

Each semester, students are credited with $13 for printing charges.

If you run out of credit for your printing account, please choose one of two options:

  • Pay the Business Office for additional printing credit.
  • Ask the Business Office to add printing credit to your account if you have funds available in your account.

In either case, you should call the Business Office, and notify them that you need credit for your printing account.

How do I sync mmc email to my iPhone?

Please follow the below instruction in order to synchronize your office365 email account on your mobile device.

1. Tap Settings.
2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
3. Tap Add Account.
4. Tap Exchange.
5. Enter your Email address, Password, and a short Description (e.g. your company’s name) for your email.
6. Tap Next.
7. Autodiscover will try to find the settings you need to configure for your account. If autodiscover cannot find your settings, enter the following information:

Domain: Leave this field blank
Username: Enter your full email address, such as

8. Tap Next.
9. Tap Save.

How do I sync MMC email to my Android Phone?

Please follow the below instruction in order to synchronize your office365 email account on your mobile device.

1. Tap Settings > Accounts > Add account > Email.
2. Type your full email address, such as, type your password, and then tap Next.
3. Select Manual.
4. On the Exchange server settings page, enter for the server name.
5. You might receive a message about additional security features. Select OK to continue.
6. Once the device verifies the server settings, the Account Options page opens. Accept the defaults, or select the options for how you want to receive and send your mail, and then tap Next. (You may need to scroll down to see Next.)
7. On the set up email page, you can change the name of your account.
8. When you’re finished, tap Done.

If your device can’t connect, make sure you typed your email address and password correctly, make sure that your device has internet access, and try again.

How to access Online Learning (MOODLE)?

MOODLE is an online application that allows students to take quizzes, tests, and submit homework assignments for their class.

  1. Accessing MOODLE can be done different ways. Type in  go to Students > Student Accounts  > Online Learning, or go to College’s Website> Quick Links Scroll until you find Online Learning(MOODLE). The third way is to go into Portal(CAMS) type in your username and password Look under the HOME tab and click online learning.

WHY can’t I see my course in Moodle?

  1. Check you student Schedule see if you are registered in the course.
  2. Your Teacher has not made your course visible in Moodle.
  3. Teacher is not using Moodle for your class.

How can I find my Syllabus in CAMS?

    1. Your teacher has to set  the course visibility to be visible to show up in CAMS.
    2. The course syllabus has not been uploaded in CAMS by your teacher.

How do I get LockDown browser for my laptop?

LockDown browser is used for taking tests online in a controlled environment. The browser opens up to the MOODLE Login page while the LockDown browser is open you can not access any other web browsers until the assignment you are using LockDown Browser for is complete.

    1. Check you Syllabus to see if your class is using the LockDown Browser.
    2. Look for an email coming from your teacher that has the link to download the LockDown Browser.

Mac users if you downloaded LockDown browser, and cannot find it go to Spotlight. Under spotlight search for LockDown Browser.

Link to Download LockDown Browser

For Windows:

For MACs:

How do I get LockDown Browser for my Chromebook?

To Get lockdown browser on your Chromebook, access one of your classes that you need to take a test or quiz in.

There should be an option for you to download lockdown browser. Click on download lockdown browser.

Another web page will pull up called the Chrome Web Store. This is where you will get lockdown browser.

You will click Add to Chrome, and there will be a pop-up asking if you want to add the extension for Lockdown browser. Click on Add extension.

Once you add the extension, it will pull up with another page saying lockdown browser for Chromebook has been installed.

You have just added lockdown browser to your Chromebook. Now go back to Moodle and locate your quiz or test.


When I register it says I am still locked from my advisor. How do I change that?

    1. Are you in the correct term to register? Look in CAMS under your name find where it says current term.
    2. Have you talked to your advisor about the classes you are going to take?
    3. Advisor has to set your registration to  visible.
    4. You can’t register yet because you are not the class level you thought you were. *Registration opens up based on your current class level.
    5. Check for any student holds that you might have on your account.