Student Portal

This document is designed to provide information necessary to use student portal. Students will be able  to view their own college information from anywhere they have access to the Internet. The document is organized in a form of Frequently asked questions (FAQ).


How do I log into My Student’s Account?
How do I change Them & Font Size
How See My Financial Aid information?
How do I See my Ledger?
How do I See my Schedule?
How do I print my syllabus?
How do I see Text Book information?
How do I see my Room assignment?
How do I see my grades?
How do I register for classes?
How do I see classes I have registered for?
How do I see my degree information?
How do I see my Transcript?

Accessing the Student Portal

The Student Portal uses the same credentials as your computer account; please use those credentials to access your portal by clicking here.

  1. Enter the Portal Username (e.g and Password.
  2. Select the Term then click the Log In


Any pop-up blockers must be turned off when accessing the Student Portal Registration. When first logging in, if pop-up blocking is enabled a message will display indicating that pop-ups are blocked and to disable them. This message will display again when students click the Registration link. If all pop-up blockers are not turned off, Registration will be cancelled.


Change Theme & Font Size

Portal theme colors and font size can be easily changed by simply clicking one of the colored squares or one of the letters “A” in the left side menu.

change font

Financial Aid

My Financial Aid lists all financial aid awards that are available, and provides the option of accepting or declining the award. If a student’s financial aid awards are packaged for the year (vs. just a single term) under a single financial aid status record then all the awards for that package will display in the student portal under their financial aid section. For example, if a student was packaged and received an award for $2000 dollars split 50/50 over FA-16 and SP-17 then when the student goes to the student portal for FA-16 or SP-17, they will see both awards for both terms. Awards for a single term are also displayed for the current or future terms.


A student can Accept or Decline each award that is available to them. Once the award has been accepted or declined and submitted, the student cannot modify the selection in the portal.

The Student Accepted field on the Financial Aid Award Detail Entry window in CAMS Enterprise reflects the choice the student made on the portal. It can be changed here anytime by financial aid staff.



The My Ledger option shows the student a detailed account ledger of all transactions distributed to the ledger and currently in the Billing Batch since matriculation, if configured by your institution. It also provides options to include Pending Housing changes and Pending Financial Aid awards, as well as variations on what is included in the student’s overall balance.

  • Previous Ledger Balance is the balance from previous terms as shown in the student’s ledger
  • Term that the transaction was associated with
  • Date of the transaction
  • Description of the charges
  • Debits/Credits are the amounts of the charges/credits
  • Balance column shows the cumulative amounts after each transaction
  • Ledger/Pre-Bill is where the transaction is located. Ledger means the transaction is in the student’s ledger and Pre-Bill means the transaction is in a Billing Batch.
  • Overall Balance is the current balance from the student’s ledger, as of the Term selected, and can be modified to include Billing Batches, Pending Financial Aid and Pending Housing Charges.
  • Pending Financial Aid shows any awards that have not yet been transferred to the billing batch for the term.
  • Pending Housing Charges shows any charges initiated in the Housing Module that have not yet been transferred to the billing batch for the term.
  • The Payment link only displays if the student has a debit overall balance.


Figure 18

My Schedule

The Student Matrix Schedule displays a grid of scheduled classes. This graphical display will help when registering for additional classes. Students may elect to display waitlisted courses for both the web page and the printer-friendly page. Place a check next to Show wait-listed classes? to also display any courses for which the student is on the waitlist, including the position in the wait list that the student holds.



Course Documents

The Course Documents section allows the student to download or view any documents or files that the instructor has uploaded.



Clicking the Document Name link displays the associated file. The student must have the appropriate software installed for each file type. Students may right-click on the file name link and choose Save As to save the file.

Course Hyperlinks

The instructor may have other websites or documents that are helpful or important to the students. A list of those links is available from this location.

Text Book Information

Textbooks for the class are displayed here. This is a list of all the textbooks for the course.



My Housing

The Housing section of the Student Portal provides students with the ability to view their Room Assignment, Roommates, and any additional Room or Student fees that are associated with the selected term.



My Grades

The grades section of the Student Portal displays the registered classes for the specific term and any grades entered. Students may view Mid-Term, Final or Narrative grades. It also displays term and cumulative GPA information. Course evaluations can also be required to be completed before a student can view the grade for the course.
If the student has courses in multiple GPA Groups for the selected Term, each GPA Group will display Cumulative totals for that group whereas the Term GPA calculates all courses in the Term. If you wish to print; click the printer icon to display a printer-friendly copy of the grade report.


Figure 22

Step-By-Step: Register For a Class

  1. Click Registration on the menu. The Unofficial Registration page opens with the student’s current schedule displayed at the top of the page. Unofficially registered courses may be dropped by selecting the checkbox next to the appropriate class. A course labeled Not Allowed cannot be dropped from the portal and must be dropped by the Registrar. Courses available for registration are displayed in the lower portion of the page. The portal compares the student’s transcripts against the course offering, and if prerequisites for a course have not been met, the course will not display. If a waiting list is available, the student may put themselves on it by registering for the course. figure32
  2. Click Show Academic Information to display Advisor, Major, and Minor. This information is pulled from the Status Record for the term for which the student is logged into the portal. Information will not display if a Status Record for the term does not exist.
  3. Click Show Filter to expand the Course ID Filter section.  Figure 33Selecting Class Summary Only will display only the course number and course name of each class without any times, rooms or instructor details.Selecting Completed Courses will display a list of the student’s completed courses and will assist in course selection.Students may or may not see Credit and/or Audit checkboxes and other codes, which define whether they can register for the class or not.Courses a student is qualified to register for credit have Credit check boxes.If the “Waitlist” code is next to the check box, the student can put themselves on the wait list for the course. Students may register for one section of a course and put themselves on the waitlist for a different section. Credits associated with a waitlisted course do not count towards the maximum allowed hours for registration. If a seat becomes available, only the registrar can determine who on the wait list will be registered for the course  Other codes the student may see:
    • Reg – The student is already registered for the course.  FacAppReq –The Instructor’s permission is required. Only the Registrar can register this course.
    • DegAudit – the course is not in the student’s degree audit as remaining.
    • PreReq – Prerequisite has not been met.
    • DLPreReq – this course has a prerequisite DL Orientation course that must have been completed in a prior term.
    • Last Add – The date is past the date this course may be registered.
    • Class is Full – The course is full.

Click the course link to open a pop-up window with further details such as CoRequisites, Pre-requisites, and Equivalents.



Click the Book List link to display a drop-down list of books designated for this course.

Upon processing registration, if student is not registered for a required corequisite course, a warning prompt will appear and registration cannot continue until the corequisite course is selected. If the student has already met a corequisite in a previous term, a notice will display indicating the corequisite has already been met. A warning prompt will also display when dropping a course that is needed as a corequisite.

Once a student has unofficially registered for classes they will see the Unofficial Registration Checkout page with their schedule including any waitlisted courses.  

Students can then print their schedule by clicking the printer icon. As long as the registered class remains unofficial the student may drop it at any time. Only the registrar can authorize unofficial classes.


Figure 35

When registering courses that utilize relative start dates, such as a 30 day course within a 4 month term, clicking Process Registration will present students with an additional screen where they may choose the Start Date for these courses. The End Date will calculate automatically according to the length of the course. You must adhere to the Restriction Information displayed for each course when choosing the Start Date. No registration changes are saved at this point. All registration changes will save upon clicking Save Registration on this screen or you may click Cancel Registration to cancel all changes made in this session.


Figure 36


Registered Classes

Once a student has registered for classes, the list of classes displays when selecting Course Management >My Courses. The students can access the course content that the instructor has set up by clicking the Select hyperlink next to the course. Registered classes are also available by clicking the hyperlink for a course on the Home page.



There are several areas available to the student. Some areas may not be available if the instructor has not enabled them.

Course Information

This area displays additional information that an instructor wants students to see but is not necessary to be displayed under course announcements.


Figure 39

Course Announcements

Announcements the instructor feels are important for students to see are displayed on the main course page.


Figure 40

Degree Information

Degree Information displays all courses that are required or optional for a specific degree program. The Revision Term (typically based on the course catalog beginning and ending terms) is selected and degrees offered during the selected Revision Term display.

Click the detail link of a degree to display requirements necessary to complete it. The figure below shows only a portion of the displayed information.



My Transcript

Unofficial transcripts may be viewed and printed from the Student Portal by clicking the My Transcript link. If a student has a Business hold on which Stop Transcript is indicated, the student will not be able to access Transcripts. A message will display indicating that a hold is preventing viewing of the transcript.


Figure 26