The Division of Information Technology currently loans laptops to Faculty and Staff for job related academic and business purposes.

Lending Procedure:


Faculty and Staff must complete the online equipment loan form, here  Submissions must be completed a minimum of 2 business days before the requested loan period. A completed form must contain the user’s contact information and MMC username, equipment requested, date and time for pickup and return. Please use the comment section as needed to better describe request needs. You will need to log into the device from campus the first time, loaners will need to pick up the device in person because of this.

In order to pick up a laptop you must present your MMC ID Card to the Help Desk Representative. Note that: Laptops can be loaned out for a maximum of one semester based on availability. Special Requests: •If the request is for an extended period

Extra approval time will be needed for extended loan periods. If your student needs to borrow a laptop for class, please have them fill the contact form from this link.


Equipment Loan agreement:

I am accepting the following agreement: I understand that I assume full responsibility for the damage or loss of the equipment/material indicated above and I am liable for its repair or replacement. •If damaged and/or not returned (to MMC Information Technology located in Martin Hall Room 101 during business hours from 8-4:30 PM CST. the borrower’s department will be charged for any laptop replacement/repair. For laptops considered stolen police report will be filed.



Fines and Liability:

  • Lost Laptop- $774.58
  • Lost Power Adapter $79.00
  • Liquid/Accidental Spill Damage- Cost of the laptop as it is not covered under warranty
  • Other Damages (ex. LCD, Chassis, Keyboard)- Based upon actual repair cost.

NOTE: Possible restriction of lending may be applied for continuous failure to abide by policy.

Equipment must be picked up by the person reserving the laptop with a valid MMC ID Card unless other arrangements have been made. Immediately notify the College Help Desk at 931-424-2009 or submit a ticket by sending an email at infortech@martinmethodist.edu regarding any problems with the laptop. Return the laptop on the agreed upon date and time. Failure to return the laptop on time may result in suspension of rights to borrow laptops. •Be sure to backup any personal data from the laptop – all data will be erased by the Information Technology Help Desk technician upon return of the laptop.