Student Loaner

Student laptop form can be accessed here.

Terms and Conditions

a. Borrowing Laptop

Borrowers may only check out one laptop at a time. Borrowers are allotted three (3) days (beginning at the time of check-out). Laptops are circulated on a first-come, first-served basis. Also, borrowers cannot reserve a laptop check-out ahead of time.


b. Use of laptops

These devices will only to be used for academic purposes. Keep in mind that documents cannot be saved to the laptops—data files should be saved on One Drive instead. Any personal documents that may have been saved to the laptop will be permanently erased after the laptop is returned. Users may not alter, change, or modify any configuration settings of any software pre-installed on the laptops. Returning the laptops Borrowers are to report any computer malfunctions/damage to IT when the laptop is returned. Laptops must be returned to the IT office located in Martin Hall Room 101 before or at the due date during normal college business hours which is Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM CST to 4:30 PM CST. Borrowers must wait until IT completely checks the laptop back-in before they can leave the desk. During check-in, the laptop will be rebooted and checked for functionality and damages.


c. Fines and Liability

A student’s privilege to check out a laptop may be removed indefinitely if the student fails to return the laptop when due. Laptops that are later than 4 hours past-due will be considered stolen/lost and the appropriate fine will be levied and the Business Office will be notified then a technology hold may be placed on your student record. Under no circumstances should a borrower leave a laptop unattended while in their custody.

Fees and fines for Lost and Damaged equipment are as follows:

Violation                                iPad device                                             Laptop (PC) device

Lost or stolen                         $900                                                                $700

Cracked screen                      $300                                                                $200

Missing charger                     $20                                                                  $100

Keyboard missing keys         N/A                                                                  $150

scratch & dents                    $50                                                                   $200

Overdue                                $5/hour                                                            $5/hour



d. Borrower Agreement

I have received the herein described hardware. By accepting the possession of this equipment, I agree to the following: I understand that it is in good working condition, and it is to be used for academic activities only and in accordance with, Internet and Educational Use Policy and supporting regulations. I shall not permit any other person to possess this equipment or software. I shall not sell, lease or otherwise grant anyone rights to this equipment or software. I shall adhere to the College’s rules and regulations governing the use of this equipment and software and comply with all applicable copyright and other regulations regarding the software. I understand that I am responsible for any damage to the equipment. The College may request this equipment and software be returned at any time. Upon request by the College or termination of the Agreement, I must return this equipment to the College, in the same condition as on the Agreement beginning date. I agree to accept this equipment and software “as is.” In no event, shall the College be liable to me, my personal representative or heirs for any incidental, special, indirect or consequential damage of whatever nature arising out of any claim, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, alleging the College’s failure to perform its obligations under this Agreement or its breach of any duty, common law or otherwise, owed to me.

e. Best Practices

Some common-sense actions you should adhere to in order to protect this equipment include, but are not limited to the following:

• Do not leave unattended, do not leave in cars, do not leave in plain view in homes or leave in an unlocked home or garage

• Do leave in locked cabinets or locked offices within school buildings Do keep information password-protected, log off when you are away from your computer

• Protect from liquids or dampness and extreme temperatures (i.e. do not leave in trunk of car for long periods of time)